n. A younger man that an older woman is involved with intellectually, emotionally, romantically, and/or sexually. Men are often referred to as "dogs", hence "pup" for a younger man. It is commonly believed that a pup can be "trained", i.e. the pup will easily learn and do what is necessary to keep the woman happy with their relationship. While the pup provides energy and enthusiasm, the woman keeps the pup continually challenged with her knowledge and experience, as well as keeping him feeling safe and doted on. They provide good companionship for each other characterized by fun and affection, not necessarily (but often) physical and/or sexual. Can be used as a verb. Related entries: papertraining, chewed slippers, Love at Goon Park.
Just because she looks good for her age doesn't explain how many pups follow her around.

He may be fine, but she's papertraining a pup.

He just turned 30. She was 35, newly divorced with the house and the kid and the dog, and he totally pupped her.

So did he pup her or did she cougar him?
by begamol March 20, 2010
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A word originating in the dangan and gurteen areas that has taken galway like wild-fire. It is defined as a person who undertakes needless and comical troublemaking against a friend purely for their own and the people around them's amusement.
Darragh was messing with my laptop again, he is an awful PUP
by MattTheHack April 24, 2010
a younger man/boy that an older woman is involved with sexually. He is a pup because he is still trainable, unlike a "dawg".
Every girl should have a Pup! My Pup is almost fully trained.
by Shannah June 27, 2005
Short for "pickups" in guitar lingo. One pickup is a "pup".
I swapped out the stock pups for a pair of '59s.
by improviduto December 03, 2007
1. someone whose an idle douche bag, who sits around talking horseshit the whole day
2. someone who enganges in regular munging, typically assuming the 'receving' position at the end.
All that guy's done today is masturbate and talk shit, what a Pups.

Let's go down to the graveyard, he can be the Pups.
by Hogey September 03, 2006
The definition for beers amongst the most bad ass dudes in the Pacific Northwest. Any adult beverage can be called a "pup" but the default is Pabst Blue Ribbon.
Hey man, want to pass me a pup?
What are you doing after work, want to smash some pups?
What's up bro, just grabbed a case of pups...want to party?
by PupsForLife September 28, 2013
adj. Origin "puppy" another word of saying someone is cute.
Yesterday, I saw a girl that looked super pup; she had good style and a pretty face.
by Dilemma1030 November 14, 2013
Another term commonly used on the eastside of Detroit to refer to a woman's Tittie's .
Them are some nice pup's bitch. You Want to let Daddy walk them .
by Bad Boy Bill March 03, 2006

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