Another term commonly used on the eastside of Detroit to refer to a woman's Tittie's .
Them are some nice pup's bitch. You Want to let Daddy walk them .
by Bad Boy Bill March 03, 2006
Penis Up the Pooper. Slang for one who is homosexual.
Dude, why are you wearing that raging pink V-neck shirt? Do you take p.u.p. (pup)?
by Ryan Oxenford June 29, 2008
1. Someone who is constantly following you around.
2. A person who is attached to something physically or emotional.
1. Stop being a pup to me!

Can taylor stop being a pup to ben?

2. Rudy is such a pup to the Lions like can he not.

wait you're being a pup to that coffee cup don stop.
by RDK23 March 17, 2014
Refering to a group of 2 or more people.
'Bit O' that Pups' or 'Alright Pups, hows it goin?'
by Greg January 20, 2005
Someone who is inexperienced at/too young to do a certain task.
You can't do that properly, you're such a pup!
by Fisharematesnotscram November 20, 2011
A slang term used for any type of drug or alcholic substance on the streettss.
Yo my duude, got any of that pup?
I can't think without my pup.
Lets go get some pup and party!
Pup makes me feel like i can touch the sky...
Got any of that bubbacush and pup?
Let's go get some pup and get faded!!
Pup in the cup,makes me want some lup pussy.
I like the pup your wearing today (cocaine residue).
PUP, there it is!
Feed your pup today?
Is this the suiites??I dunno i be on that pup!!

by Bobby & Saxony September 07, 2009
A cute nickname for someone you have affection for. Normally this nickname is given by an older guy to a younger girl, of which he either is with or fancies. However, the use of this normally leads to the girl thinking of the guy as a big brother, rather than dating material.
"Hiya Pup!" Man, she looks good
"Hey. I just got a new boyfriend, I think he's wonderfullllllllll. I want you to meet him cause you're so special to me."
"...Sure, I'd love too." Stupid Nickname
by Nuuunuuu May 20, 2009

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