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Posting To Watch

Used on internet forums that have a 'Show new replies to your posts' feature. Simple Machines forums have an 'Updated Topics' page, where a user can see topics they have posted in become updated as new replies are posted.

A user may post in a thread simply to receive new replies in the 'Updated Topics' page. However, if someone just posts "PTW", it could be seen as unconstructive and spammy.
user1 - In this thread, I will post awesome things I find every day.

user2 - Cool. PTW.
by dreadmullet November 01, 2012
Pay To Win
literally almost 60% MMORPG used this system
Player 1 : Dude.. that sword damage is too OP , where did u get that?
player 2 : i'm buy it in cash shop
player 1 : dude.. thats PTW
by FforFack November 05, 2014
pass the weed - started by a kid in Liverpool it isn't well known but everyday some one uses it as the abbreviation of pass the weed, this is used as many people don't know what it means and may be used freely
lad, ptw tonight kid
by ashim123 December 24, 2010
An acronym that best defines the (proffesional time wasters)
in all their glory. The word acts as a label used in retail to describe the fuckers that ask for a 3 page quote, but never return to buy.
Ryan :Hey Neil, don't waste your time on that Fuck-head he's a total P.T.W !

Neil :Thanks for the heads up man, i almost quoted him !

Ryan: That's what friends are for, dude!

Neil: should we kick his ass...?
by Ryan Neil September 06, 2006
Professional Time Waster.

Acronym used in sales to describe someone who wastes time talking with you, yet never actually buys anything.
Salesman #1 - "You took forever with that customer, did you close the deal?"

Salesman #2 - "Naw, he's a ptw."
by Bota44 September 16, 2007
An acronym for: Play to win
I try hard because I ptw.
by theif February 23, 2006
Poo The World
Similar to fml
" I forgot to do my homework again. Ptw."
by apanisawesome February 25, 2010
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