PlayStation Titties
John: omg did you see Alan's manboobs?

Dan: he's totally got PST!! All he does is eat quiznos subs and play Call of Duty sitting on the couch!

John: He'll yeah, he must've put on like 30 pounds, he eats those subs 3 at a time. Morning, noon, and night!
by Whiteboyday February 02, 2011
Personal Sex Toy: Object of sexual delight.

Item for giving sexual pleasure or a person who gives sexual delight to others by their looks, acts or deeds.
My PST is a vibe.
My vote for "PST of the Year" is Hugh Jackman.
Kristen Bell can be my PST anytime!
by MzBeHavin March 09, 2011

A particular period in time considered to be the worst time of life.

symptoms of PST can be caused by a prolonged moment of sheer demoralising sarcasm, this could destroy any existing confidence.

Other symtoms could be the loosing a specific item of interest in a circus. which could provide humour to fellow peers.

A continuous duration of PST can be considered as a PFST. (Proper Fucking Shit Time)
"Wheeler's Getting Bitchy"

"Nah, Hes Just Having a PST"
by PROPER JP January 06, 2009
A sound that comes from the mouth ( p.sss.t) that refers to "hey you" in Dominican. It is normally used in the streets to call for someones attention.
<marchante> pst , mami tantas curvas y yo sin frenoooo

<random person> Pst, amiguita/o

< student> Pst, la respuesta de la 4 plis!!
by HAkerisa October 16, 2007
Post sex tab (Having a cigarette after sexual gratification)
Cheers love, good job....just popping for a PST
by Lottie01 June 22, 2006
A stupid acronym used by n00b Everquest players who wanted someone to group with. "Please Send Tell"
n00b says out of character 'PST!'
n00b2 tells you 'STFU!'
by anonymous May 30, 2003
like yeah,whatever,right(sarcasticly,
i was like pst u going wit mike now.
by kristen April 17, 2004

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