Stupid waste of money portable system. It costs $250, and all the games so far suck. I mean sure, the DS didn't have many good release titles, but it had a lot of games to look forward to in the future. (Metriod Prime Hunters for example.) The PSP has nothing, and will have nothing for a very long time! Its probably going to end up like the N-Gage, only rich people who have nothing better to spend their money on will buy it and it will eventually fall apart. Sony is just asking to have its ass kicked by trying to compete with Nintendo in the portable market.
Person #1: "Hey look, I got a PSP!"
Person #2: "Well I got a DS!"
Person #1: "Hah, watch this!"
*PSP explodes*
Person #2: "What the hell did you do?!
Person #1: "I tried to play a movie..."
In conclusion, the DS kicks the PSP's ASS!
by Silentshot02 April 14, 2005
Something that only oblivious, rich, and ignorant gamers buy. Bragging about it's ability to play movies, music, and what-not, people forget to mention that you need the memory stick in order to do anything, and the sticks that're out now do not hold much.

Having to re-buy all the movies in Sony's UMD format, and with a majority of it's games being poor rehashes and ports (but still get good scores because of ignorant fanboyism) it screams, GIMMICK! But people still buy this trash anyways because the gaming industry is being flooded by casual gamers that know squat. (not insulting, it's the truth, sorry the truth hurts folks)
Casual gamer: (way too overexuberant) Yo man, I had to rip 350+ dollars outta my butt to get the PSP, a rehashed game, memory stick, and a movie I already have!! I'm so awesome!

True Gamer: Sucks to be you! XD I hope you and your family starves now that you have no money! Eventually leading up to the event of cannibalism in order to survive!
by Dark Fox May 08, 2005
Overrated handheld made by Sony. Is being PWND by the DS. It's not known by everyone, but the DS actually CAN play movies and stuff.
Check it out! I'm on the internet with my PSP! Isn't it- *battery dies*
by Jordan April 24, 2005
a console conceived because sony saw nintendo's success and decided to solely throw them off tha handheld market. sure, the psp's graphics are good, but games are exactly that, games. you play games, not look at them, so shouldnt gameplay be more important than graphics. people who buy a psp say no. people who buy a ds say yes. people who buy both wasted their money.
woah Duuuuuuuuude luk how kool resi luks on a psp....
*passes to mate*
yeah i really like how the blood's raining down the screen coz u died for the 1000th time
by Mikol June 09, 2005
Something only kikes like. Stupid Jews.
Go back to Israel, fucking kikes.
Teh PSP is alright but is extremely overpriced. It has fairly good graphics but i wouldn't waste the money on either it or the DS.
Bob- Hay you wanna play my DS
Jay- No wanna play my PSP
Bob- No
Jay- How about we say fuck this and go play paintball.
Bob- yeah paintball powns ass!
by jhouse April 28, 2005
"PSP" is a commercial acronym (also a brand logo) for PlayStation Portable made by SONY.
It is very popular among the people of various age specially kids and teenagers.

PSP comes in four different designs/models- 1000, 2000, 3000 and N1000. they are different in many ways from the hardware to the software platforms.
He wants to get a new game for his PSP
by ovidhan January 17, 2015

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