The sort of handheld console that you don't buy. It has graphic advantages over a nintendo ds and has a wider screen. However, the PSP has loads of dumb features that people have already stated, like dvd. All of the DS' features have something to do with gaming and are trying to make their games fun. Sony however, want to make a mobile phone and call it a handheld console.
Guy: Wow, this DS revolutionizes gaming with a touch screen and still focuses on making entertaining games.

Dickhead: WoW I just got this psp and it has shit games and I payed $400 dollars for it! Darn, my batteries flat.

Guy: You should've bought a DS and had fun other then buy an expensive peice of crap that runs out of batteries in 4-6 hours.

Dickhead: Nuh uh!!! The PSP has heaps good games like... uh... um... DVD! Beat that!

Guy: *sigh* Ok you can miss out on Mario 64 ds and the following upcoming titles: New seiken densetsu game, new final fantasy game, sonic rush, new mario bros and smash bros ds.

Dickhead: Woah! I want my money back but I can't get it back because my PSP broke down and sony offers no warranty knowing that the PSP would be fragile!!!
by Marbarian June 04, 2005
Playstation portable- Sony's entry into the handheld market, and a good one at that. Was released in North America on March 24th 2005. Was Released Japan in late 2004 and came with firmware 1.0 while NA psp's were unfortunately upgraded to 1.5, since a 1.0 psp could run homebrew applications, and Sony's decision to restrict this was stupid- seeing as it could essentially be a Nintendo Revolution killer- free emulators portable? Runs umds (universal media disks) and memory stick duos.
PSP is better than DS in every aspect except battery, which is not as bad is it seems, and will soon be fixed with more efficient games and better batteries.
by Mr toasty June 01, 2005
A nintendo fanboys worst nightmare
dude check it i got a ds *smash* PSP BITCH!
by Dan turpin May 03, 2005
Play Station Sortable by Sony. It rocks. Best handhels system out there. Kicks the Nintendo DS in the balls. It can play movies, play mp3s, display photos, and play games. What can the DS do, you can touch the screen and it does something, big deal. The DS is to hard to hold anyway because you have to hold the stupid stick as well. Play Station rules.
I just got Twisted Metal: Head On and Metal Gear Ac!d for the PSP handheld system.
by abu April 29, 2005
playstations portable game system. about 180$ not for children like the nintendo ds.( the touch screen is to teach babies motor skills)
I'm going to go buy a psp after school.
by joey haynes March 10, 2005
PlayStation Portable - Possibly the best invention ever. Powered by love.
D-Row hasnt spoken to me or anyone else since he got his PSP
by TheD8001 April 16, 2005
Short for Poop Stupid Portable. It was supposed to be PPP, or Poop Poop Poop, but an idiot at Sony slammed his head into the keyboard and accidentally hit the "s" instead of the "p." While in the E3 chat room revealing their latest portable.

Too bad.
I am Kaz. Buy it now.
by Peter Griffin December 27, 2004
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