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420 is april 20 the day to smoke your best bud, or national pot smoking day. It all started with a bunch of teenagers called the Waldos.
stoners mental math 4+20 = 420.... lets go smoke.
by mhorittochelln June 23, 2005
A good way to smoke marijuana in your house without getting caught.What you do is turn on the shower in you bathroom and let it get really steamy. Then once it is steamy enough you light up your joint, pipe, bong or whatever you smoke your weed from, and then the smoke and steam co-mingle and you cant see or smell a thing.

This is a good technique to use in hotel rooms.
dude lets go steam box my bathroom.
by mhorittochelln June 23, 2005
Pleasure someone's pussy.
last night i psp'd my girlfriend!
by mhorittochelln July 06, 2005
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