Playstation Portable. A system that puts out graphics near PS2 quality and kicks DS in the balls.
I used to have a DS, but I traded it in for a psp.
by Mr. Nintendo March 25, 2005
playstation portable: the first handheld video game platform to offer ps2 quality gameplay along with many ipod-esque features that kick the shit out of a lame nintendo DS (or DSi). it is also home to the irritating web browser i'm using to write this definition. sometimes reffered to as playstation pornable because of said web browser
psp makes anywhere better
by taco pown3r August 19, 2009
A lot of people say only people who are playstation fans like the psp and the truth is i hate playstation 1 2 and 3 but due to the fact that xbox hasnt made a portable system i do have to go with psp. sorry ds but how the fuck are u supposed to play metroid with one hand on the d pad and one hand attempting to use the stick and the buttons at the same time.
Guy 1 - I just got the PSP
Guy 2 - Dude i got a DS mario bros and metroid
Guy 1- How the fuck do u play metroid like that
Guy 2 - (Attempts to play) Oh shit! This sucks! Im gonna go return this.
by fucking_anonymous July 28, 2006
Little black thing which needs a screen protector if you intend to actually use it, and not just boast about wasting your money on it. It has less battery life than a banana. It can play SNES roms, but you can get all the good SNES games on the GBA, which has been out for years.
PSP: Don't do drugs, kiddos.
by Sith Lord Cheese June 14, 2006
short for..PORN STAR PENIS. A large dick. Typically larger than normal. as typically only found in pornos. Big enough to make her mumble OMG ITS SOOOO BIG under her breath.
oh babe im such a dirty whore why dont you bust out your P.S.P. and bend me over like the trashy slut i am.
by Ferretnparrot January 22, 2006
Perfectly Shaved Pubes
Dude 1:I just cought a Mach 3 razor and some gillete shaving gel and now I have a PSP.
Dude 2: Dude, how'd you get a Sony product out of shaving your nuts?
Dude 1: Negative, brotha! I got me a beautiful pair of Perfectly Shaved Pubes for the ladies to play with!
by Porno Sexy Pact May 09, 2005
You idiots dont know half of what the PSP can do. Yeah, sure it can play movies, games, and hold music, but it can also be used as a PDA, yes, you saw it, a PDA. You stupid rich losers buy it so you can be cool, but if you are smart (nerd) you know that you can hack the Wipeout Pure game into getting its web browser and have it display actual web pages. Pfft idiots.
Stupid kids make there parents buy a psp so they can watch Spider Man, while im using AIM on mine.

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