A status symbol for nerds with money to burn. I got rid of mine after I found out just how Sony planned to support it. (READ: Poorly) and how they treat anyone who tries to support it well (i.e Lik-Sang)

Sony fanboys delude themselves into thinking that anyone who hates the system is either "poor" or, "a kid" who must own a DS. Which hurts when you use your gaming choice as a measure of your own self-worth.

One common insult, is to attack a person's wealth (and thus, their worth)

The thing is, if you can afford to buy a PSP you can afford a DS (eventually games and accessories destroy any accusations of poverty. Poor people don't buy video games, it goes in with the whole "not having money thing". (surprise!)

The difference is, while the DS owners are busy playing more new games, the only thing PSP owners seem to have are emulated 15 year old games FROM NINTENDO and a Grand Theft Auto port, and you need to hack the thing to play the old games! (and updating firmware, which is required to play the newer games, negates you're ability to hack. And "bricking" the system, which fanboys seem to glaze over is quite common.

You'd think being such "big spenders" (and thus, better than you) they could afford portable DVD players and all the great features that PSP has only much much better. If PSP players are so wealthy, then why don't they buy an Alienware laptop?
It's like a guy with a cool car mocking a guy with scooter, while a guy with 5 luxury cars, a yacht and a helicopter in earshot just shakes his head.
PSP is a like a hummer. Looks cool but runs out of gas before you leave the driveway.
DS is like a sensible, comfortable car. Isn't as flashy but better in what's important.

DS section of store: lined with games not all great but the ratio of good to bad blows PSP away.
PSP section of store: slim section filled with 60-70% movies you already have on DVD with one or two good games swimming a small collection of poorly to average-rated ports.

Most PSP owners are more concerned with appearing cool (which they don't, neither do DS owners). They think ownership of such, makes them better some how, which is sad on so many levels. They wear their ownership of a fucking game console as a badge on honor. It's not.
PSP fanboy: You're just angry you can't afford a PSP.

ME: Actually I owned an imported white PSP and I used it as a 250 dollar MP3 player.

PSP fanboy 2: u phail n00b go play kidee gamez on ur DS PSP pwnz joo!!111!

Me: *marvels at irony of FB2 calling anything I do "kiddie" (Castlevania?) owns me, Really? Why?

Well spoken fanboy: Because you can hack the firmware and emulate SNES games on it for starters.

Me: No kidding? and you find paying $250 for a portable high-end system just to play 15-20 year old Nintendo/Sega games on the go, is worth it?

Fanboy 3: PSP is the best portable ever it owns.

Me: Sounds more like PSP "owns" you.
by FlowersInMidgar May 01, 2007
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Overrated handheld made by Sony. Drooled by Sony fanboys who only care about graphics, not gameplay.

It has a shitty, half-baked mp3 and video interface, and you're forced to buy expensive memory sticks in order to play them. Also, the battery life is 3-6 hours, and the loading times are horrible.
Moron: HEY MAN! I just got a Sony PSP along with a 1GB memory stick with a couple of games!!!!

Me: Holy shit dude how much did you spend?

Moron: Only about $500

Me: *smacks him in the head*
by buttseckz June 30, 2005
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paintshop pro, an image creating and editing program produced by jasc that is used professionally or just for the hell of it to (usually) make website layouts.
most everyone has it, but the question is do they know how to use it?
by etchasketch January 05, 2004
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Advantages of psp/ds... Compared

Built in MP3 Player
Built in Digital Photo Viewer
Built in Movie Player
Built in Web Browser
Download many free flash apps/games
Amazing Graphics
Powerfull Games

DS Pros:
Unique Touch Screen
Unique 2nd screen
Cheap (not much of a pro)
messaging with your own handwriting (can include pictures)

PSP Cons:
shorter battery life (due to brighter screen, louder volume, more graphical games, more powerful games... to increase time lower brightness, volume etc)
expensive (if you have the money its easily worth it)
Load Times (due to more advanced games etc....but extra time really isnt noticible)

DS Cons:
Worse Graphics (when using basic 3D graphics it goes pixelated/fuzzy/blurred etc, where as most psp games use 3D all the time)
More childish games (not much of a con...depends on what you prefer...just going from my age)

I posted this to try preventing fan boys making useless comments about both systems and i am listing what i know about consoles)
Overall I prefer PSP but of course it mainly depends on your personal preference

To help

Get PSP if:
You want a full media player in your pocket
You love extra features (flash, internet)
You want better looking games, more AI, more physics etc (better games)

Get DS if:
You want more innovative in games (not saying its bad but it does get boring useing stylus sometimes, but still a great feature)
You want a portable now and cant afford psp
PSP is good, DS is good
by nick13123 October 11, 2006
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person 1: hey man, do u have a psp?
person 2: yea, its in my pocket why?
person 1: hahaha
by Dave-O8913 April 09, 2009
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Piece of Shit Portable System.

Basically Sony is out for your money. They crammed a whole bunch of shit that you don't need or already have into one thing that lasts about 2 hours.

You can easily have a computer that plays, games, music, and a digital camera or a camera phone that takes pictures and it'll last much much longer. So why buy one? Ask yourself that, and get a DS!
Me: Look at that kid sitting in the cornor playing PSP all buy himself.
Friend: I can't believed he pissed his money on that piece of shit!
Me: Oh well let's get back to Metriod Prime Hunters Online with the Nintendo DS and Pwn some fools!
by SCANK March 31, 2005
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Portable Systems Performer--A Sony Playstation Portable, which, if you can have 1.5 firmware flashed to it, will emulate a whole load of systems, and, get this, can play 4 days of music on a 512MB memory stick duo in Protracker MOD format (and even more than that in 8-16 bit Video Game Music formats) Every media player that runs on a GBA flash cartridge runs full speed at 222mhz or less and gives you loads of audio (MOD, GSM, ADPCM) and video (Meteo) as well as most of the GBA's library of games.

If you use the homebrew PMP MOD AVC player you can record watchable VCD quality video and audio at 2 megabytes per recorded minute (256kbps) as opposed to a heck of a lot more wasted space (768Kbps) with the player Sony gives you.

The PSP ran every NES game I could throw at it, can emulate a Sega Genesis with frameskip 1, runs a full speed gameboy original, a SNES that tears the picture a little, a third-speed Amiga 500 (best computer ever made IMHO), and you can get an MP3 player with an oscilloscope for the easily amused. It's also an infrared remote control. Since when did your "Update" ever give you the ability to zap people's TVs while it looks like you're just playing a game?
And you can control your PC's mouse, or check on a long download that your PC's doing from the kitchen.
"Brandon bought a UMD which flied out of his PSP while I played Super Mario Advance and Sword of Sodan."
by Braveheart's thirst for blood January 13, 2007
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