playstation portable: the first handheld video game platform to offer ps2 quality gameplay along with many ipod-esque features that kick the shit out of a lame nintendo DS (or DSi). it is also home to the irritating web browser i'm using to write this definition. sometimes reffered to as playstation pornable because of said web browser
psp makes anywhere better
by taco pown3r August 19, 2009
"prety small penuis"
its like two cm man like the size of a finger nail and its w's who has a psp
by cameron012 December 07, 2006
stands for Pink Slimy Pussy.
Hey guys, check out my PSP!!! *pervs jumped out of nowhere smashing their faces while licking agressively*
by Jinggoy Estrada Jr. April 10, 2006
A high-tech portable device created by SONY, Inc that is similar to the PS2 but portable. Even though many Nintendo fan boys say it "sucks", it doesn't. Usually, they haven't even played the SONY PSP. The PSP didn't get a lot of sales because SONY doesn't want little children to play with the device and want the teenagers and adult's to use it. I mean seriously, who would want a DS that is played by 5 year olds, doesn't seem very mature. This device can play movies, music, and UMD (Universal Media Disc) format which holds extreme graphics and great gameplay. The UMD disc is almost impossible to get scratched due to the outside covering. The battery life lasts 5-8 hours; but you can charge it in an eletrical socket and a car adapter (Sold separately). You can also buy a USB port that can transfer files from/to your PSP. Overall, the PSP is a great device; so is Nintendo DS, but PSP wins the medal overall.
Jim: Hey!
Ashton: Did you bring your PSP?
Jim: Yeah, it has awesome games.
by Mark September 10, 2005
A mobile handheld gaming system created by Sony. Stands for "PlayStation Portable". Is capable of playing movies, MP3's, viewing images, and playing games. Hackers have found a way to use a hidden browser included in the game "WipEout: Pure" to use services such as Internet browsing and instant messaging. This is possible with a wi-fi connection using the built-in IEEE 802.11b IO device. Multiplayer gaming also uses this device to allow 16 players to connect through Ad-hoc mode. In the future, Sony will release firmware updates that include a browser and other PDA type functions.

It has a large 4.3 inch 16:9 Widescreen display capable of displaying 16.77 million colors. The refresh rate however isn't so great and sudden rapid movements cause light ghosting to occur.

With the screen brightness on level 2 and the volume at 50%, you can average out at about 5 hours of game time depending on the game.

A 333 MHz processor and 32 MB of RAM allow the PSP to create graphics no other handheld gaming device can compare to.

Sleek styling, sharp graphics, and many features make this the best choice for a gamer on the go, or tech freak.
The Nintendo DS is a great device but the 23 year old design (Do a google image search for "Multi-Screen Game & Watch") and 10 year old graphics make it a 2nd choice for most gamers.
by Striker.Pwn.J00 May 17, 2005
The best handheld Gaming system. Ever.
Bow to teh awesome power of teh PSP!
by Ed April 05, 2005
Abbreviation for Phi Sigma Pi. Phi Sigma Pi is commonly known as the national honorary co-ed fraternity.
Billy - "I'm proud to be a brother of Phi Sigma Pi."
Jack - "Me too, Billy. Hey we should have a Guys Day Out event for all of the guys in PSP."
Billy - "By PSP, you mean Phi Sigma Pi?"
Jack - "Yeppers."
Billy - "Oh."
by ImBack88 May 05, 2009
Play/Porn Station Portable. This is a great console that is much better than a DS. It looks better and the games look better. All the DS has is 2 screens. Whoop de fuckin doo. A touch screen... what a waste! My friend has a DS and had his brother run it over after he saw my PSP. Besides you can go online and use its second function of porn!!!
Me: Hey Anthony look at my PSP
Anthony: Look a black peice of crap
Me: Can u watch Pimp my ride?
Anthony: STFU
by CompressionMaster July 10, 2006
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