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Acronym, Paranoia Survivor Max. The hardest and meanest official DDR song out there.
I failed PSM after 5 seconds.
by PiccoloNamek January 03, 2004
11 24
When a woman sends an angry, scathing text message to your phone; mostly because it happens to be that time of the month.
I'm feeling down, my girl PSMS'd me earlier.
by Melbourne Mong September 23, 2009
69 2
In WindowsLiveMessenger stands for: Personal Short Message, the short phrase messenger users use to write after their nickname. It's usually sign of someone's mood.
Alexander - Vicky...I want you so much!..guys thanks for last night...WE ARE THE BEST!!

Do u think that stupid sucker would ever remove that stupid message from his psm..?
by Dollarius November 21, 2007
29 16