The second sony play station game consle that has been out forever and the original playstation seems ancient to everyone under 20. they first made the huge one that had similar dimensions to microsoft's xbox though not as heavy. the newer one (the one i have) is really, really compact and looks better. ps2 has some great games such as GTA, Tekken, and A LOT of racing games. the only drawback, it takes forever to load, which is a turn-off for many gamers.
- Hey man! Wanna play the newest GTA I just got for ps2?
- I dunno, it takes a hell of a long time to load...
- o right. sure. let's go!
by the pwn3r August 23, 2006
Otherwise know as playstation 2
Brillient gaming system :
Playstaion 2 is good but not as good as xbox
by Jamie March 05, 2005
A system that is only thought highly of by people who have never played any of the other systems. Primarily has japanaese rpg's made for it. It is basicaly a suped up ps1 and is not very unique. The best sold system in japan but they made it so big surprise. Do not by this system if you plan on playing games with your friends. This system was made for single player games. Sony's weak attempt at making something similar to XBX live but failed miserably. Best system if you want to play by urself and be alone but overrated and is only bought because of the large number of games that are made exclusive to it.
So i was playing my PS2 when my controller broke and i cried.
by Master Noob May 02, 2006
1)Something that can't survive a 10 foot drop.

2)A gaming system by Sony that mostly has anime titles. Famed for hosting the Final Fantasy series

3)An obsolete piece of hardware.
1) The PS2 can get damaged so easily. It can't even survive a pin dropping on it.

2) Bob: Hey, Jon? You have a PS2?
Jon: No way. Only fanboys of Aeries play that rubbish.
Bob: ...I'm not a fanboy.

3) Ken: Hey, wanna buy my PS2 for $50?
Sal: That old piece of junk? I've moved on to the Wii.
Ken: ...oh. Well, I guess it will make a nice paperweight..
by SCom December 26, 2006
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