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The visible physical excitement for spending a vacation in Puerto Rico. They are typically inversely proportional to cold weather and the amount of snow on the ground.
"Dude, I'm so excited for spring break in PR. My PRoner is about 5 inches in girth right now." - Ray

"Did you see those Puerto Rican hotties on facebook? They gave me quite the PRoner." - Dan Van

"This trip's going to be PRonerrific." - Caleb

by Ray Nassar March 04, 2009
1. Noun: When one (normally a male) finds himself aroused after watching something done very professionally.

2. Noun: When one (normally a male) finds himself becoming erect, typically due to sexual arousal.
After watching Meeker run a 4:40 Mile I noticed I had a proner.

After a long night of spooning Jake woke up to a proner in his back.
by Drew, Andrew, MVHS XC Team October 19, 2009
When a professional's skills induce a brain boner.
"I just watched this and it gave me the biggest Proner!"

"That performance gave me the biggest Proner I've had in years."

"They're so talented the whole room probably shared a Proner"
by BrothaMugen July 04, 2014
A gamer term which means to crouch in the bottom-most possition(on their belly). Typically used by MG42 machine-gunners in order to set up their gun.
*Intense running close combat*
*enemy prones, then shoots you in the feet*
*you die*

This may happen in: Battlefield 1942, Wolfenstein ET, etc.
by Chris BT July 11, 2006

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