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This is a person who is a godless sodomite. A giant marauding killing machine who is frequently approached by Satan and Omar Kadafi for advice on how to kill people's resolve and suck out their souls.

When this person walks into a room, all the happiness and warmth is sucked out, not unlike a Dementor. With the charm of a flatulent substitute chemistry teacher, this person is commonly compared with Bill O'Reilly, Freddy Kruger, and Lord Voldemort.
Small child: "Oh my God, this is terrifying! Please get this Meeker away from me Mommy!!"
by EWalker November 11, 2011
a sex act preformed on someone who is unconcious, either from drugs or alcohol or perhaps in a coma
"melissa faked being roofyed so that dude would give her a meeker, dirty slut"
by metro anthony November 01, 2005
Meeker means nothing, nothing at all
MEEKER MEEKER MEEKER (prank phone calls)
by christine September 06, 2004
Extraordinary strategic triumph or a complex idea where credit for the idea is shared with others in a humble way. Doing something great and not making a giant issue out of it.
"The rescue team pulled a Meeker when they saved the survivors of the helicopter crash."

"John's team finished a week early and the client loves them. He Meekered it!"
by Dave Garvin April 17, 2005
A lonley young lad who enjoys masturbating profusely with the aid of soap, esp. zest. This lad has tiny balls and loves cock. First name is usually "Sean".
Man, Sean Meeker beats off with zest! what a douche
by Kenny Kihara June 16, 2004
A blow-job that's particularly messy or painful, because the ho that's doing it doesn't know what she's doing.
"Damn some little girl the other day gave me a Meeker. Ignorant bitch."
by Satchmo II March 25, 2003
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