Post Poon Nap. Typically people get a little sleepy after jacking off or getting the poon, and so naps are common.
Damn dude, I just banged that hot chick down the hall and it was intense. I think I'm gunna take a PPN.
by KJ4334 September 20, 2014
Military abbreviation for Paper, Pen and Stationary.
Officer: Hey quartermaster I'm putting in yet another PPNS requisition.

Quartermaster: Fuck my life!
by pmbear October 08, 2009
stands for Prefers Penis Now
by Wolf April 07, 2003
see first definition
:P wolf
by LP April 07, 2003
1. a person who is cooler than wolf
1. ppn > wolf
by LP April 07, 2003

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