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An acronym meaning "Not Naked, Who Cares". Basically implies that the person in question is so damn hot that they could be wearing 8 layers of clothing, a suit of armour or a space suit and still be an uberhottie.
Jeff: "Look at these pics of Denise Milani...omfg..."
Andy: "but dude... she's not even really naked... like wtf"
Jeff: NNWC man!
by pmbear December 23, 2009
Abbreviation for "Go suck your own cock!" An exclamation of exasperation, usually uttered when you want to finish a never ending argument. Inviting your nemesis to perform fellatio on himself, which for 99% of males is physically impossible, is a sure way to A) close a conversation, B) add to your nemesis' anger, and C) confuse him, esp. if you are both male, both straight and never demanded that you suck him off in the first place.
Mike: How about that G8 summit, they say they are going to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 2020...

Bill: those bloody politicians! they personally create more greenhouse gases then a city block full of apartment buildings, what with their big cars, their private jets and so on...

Mike: GSYOC!!!!

Bill: WTF???? *visibly confused*
by pmbear July 12, 2008
When a city encourages people to ride bikes to help control traffic problems, but instead of giving a tax break to people that buy bikes, they create public bike rental programs in the downtown core in order to leech even more money off of the populace.
Ralph: "Ever try those BIXI bikes in downtown Montreal, they are everywhere, and real cheap to use"

Jean-Claude: Are you nuts, the taxpayer is paying for these things whether they are used or not, it is real Velociserfdom man, we are all slaves to this BS!!"
by pmbear June 21, 2011
Military abbreviation for Paper, Pen and Stationary.
Officer: Hey quartermaster I'm putting in yet another PPNS requisition.

Quartermaster: Fuck my life!
by pmbear October 08, 2009
A psychological disorder in which a non-human lifeform experiences a sexual preference for humans.
My dog Rex won't stop humping your girlfriend's leg... he's a damn humanophiliac!

Kelloggs has fired several high profile individuals over the years for not properly representing the company in public. Michael Phelps was removed from their ad campaigns after he was caught smoking dope in public. Prior to that Toucan Sam got canned for being an E user and Tony the Tiger was fired for his humanophiliac tendancies.
by pmbear February 07, 2009
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