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A mood disorder. Cyclothymia is a mild form of bipolar disorder, commonly referred to as BP III. Sufferers alternate between periods of mild hypomania and depression.
Cyclothymia is kinda like bipolar lite.
by lp March 24, 2005
Medications. Commonly used both on- and offline to refer to prescription drugs, generally of the psychotropic variety.
"I hate having to take these fucking meds!"
by lp June 24, 2004
Internet shorthand for "psychiatrist," generally used in mental health communities.
"I'll be seeing my pdoc next week to tweak the dosage on my meds."
by lp June 24, 2004
(Home to the University of Delaware and the trashiest townies you will ever meet.) Can best be described as "A DRINKING TOWN WITH A COLLEGE PROBLEM"
Quite possibly the only college town where the townies behave worse than the students.
by LP April 08, 2005
A less-extreme manifestation of mania, characterized by rapid speech, impulsivity, reduced need for sleep, overspending, hyperactivity, et cetera. Psychosis is not present. In Bipolar I patients, hypomania can be the precursor to full-blown mania.
"Honey? When you're talking at two hundred miles per hour about the philosophy of grape juice, I know you're hypomanic."
by lp March 24, 2005
1337 Word for shit
Yo man, you smell like sh1t!
by LP November 23, 2002
acronym for Generally Muslim University
ossssaaaamaaa yo mommaaaaaa!!!!
by LP September 16, 2003

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