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Pooping My Pants Off
a). That food was so spicy, I was PMPO all last night.

b). Emphasis of Fear; I was so scared, I was PMPO.

c). That indigestion was awful, I was PMPO all day at work.

d). Emphasis for humour, substituting "LMAO" for example.
by d0pamine June 04, 2007
Peed My Pants Off

PMPO should be used in all text correspondence to relentlessly tease someone who has recently accidentally meshed "laughed my ass off" with "nearly peed my pants", creating the puzzling yet almost familiar-sounding expression "peed my pants off"
Text: "Did you see the Bon Qui Qui at King Burger video on youtube?"

Reply: "Yes - PMPO"
by Blonde Mexican January 13, 2010
said when someone says something really funny; it stands for pee my pants off
"whoa pmpo"
"ur so funny, pmpo"
by shmexxxyche July 02, 2007
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