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Paddy McCourt's Fenian Army
When Paddy McCourt comes on as a sub for celtic,

you can hear one set of fans shout : Paddy McCourt's !!

and the other set : Fenian army !!

and it is repeated like this for about 2 minutes of the game.
by Nigel Thornberry Ya Bunnet May 12, 2011
Prime Meat For A Slut - A good looking girl who gets around a bit (slut).
She's PMFAS!

Lots of PMFAS around!
by Stephen Reid June 22, 2007
An acronym for Pretty Much Freakin Amazing!! expressed with great enthusiasm and vigor. After all, its freakin amazing!!
Your mom was PMFA!!, That book is PMFA!!, You did a PMFA job on that test!!
by Matt Iden September 28, 2005
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