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Paddy McCourt's Fenian Army
When Paddy McCourt comes on as a sub for celtic,

you can hear one set of fans shout : Paddy McCourt's !!

and the other set : Fenian army !!

and it is repeated like this for about 2 minutes of the game.
by Nigel Thornberry Ya Bunnet May 12, 2011
32 5
Prime Meat For A Slut - A good looking girl who gets around a bit (slut).
She's PMFAS!

Lots of PMFAS around!
by Stephen Reid June 22, 2007
5 0
An acronym for Pretty Much Freakin Amazing!! expressed with great enthusiasm and vigor. After all, its freakin amazing!!
Your mom was PMFA!!, That book is PMFA!!, You did a PMFA job on that test!!
by Matt Iden September 28, 2005
5 16