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A person who is a drunk, and cannot hold a job. This kind of person would spend what money they had on beer, not their starving children.

To put it simply: the act of stealing money for beer.

Origin: Malachy McCourt, a man from northern Ireland, was a drunk. His sons had problems with drinking too. He could barely keep his family alive. The phrase is named after him. His son, who shares the same name, is running for governer of NY in 2006.
Tricia: My dad drank away my college savings, now i'll have to work in a coal mine for the rest of my life.
Alex: That's COLD! Your dad is such a McCourt.

Wife: I saved some money so we could buy food this week.
Husband: Let me see it.
Wife: I won't give it to you because you will just McCourt it away.
by g-diggity May 29, 2006

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