noun; food on a blanket in the park
verb; to eat food on a blanket in the park
adjective; cool
noun; lets go to the picnic
verb; let me see you get your picnic on
adjective; damn your looking picnic tonight!!
by Anna Wrede April 03, 2008
A cross between a hipster and a beatnik. They often refer to cops as ants for breaking up the party. A group of picnics can be called a picnic basket, although they find this term offensive.
The Hold Steady. Gonjasufi. Devandra Banhart. Dave Eggars. Spike Jonze. Jimmy Carter. are all Picnics.
by shirtless_nick July 14, 2010
a code word for blazing with all your friends
Dude 1: You wanna picnic at the park later?
Dude 2: Yeah and we should get more people to help bring supplies.
Dude 2: Good idea. POT luck.
by senior38783878 April 23, 2010
Having sex, doing the nasty nasty, doin 'it' , bangin', juicin, gettin jiggy, boning, smash, oral, or making sweet love IN THE PARK or a very otherwise public area.

A man sliding his erect penis into and out of a woman's vagina while sharing exclamatory dialogue
My friend Joannabananajellyfishjulie and i had a picnic in the park. I brought her a banana and she brought some other food, . . . we both ate out.
by Tank Engine ! September 23, 2007
A term used to describe the gatherings held in slave days when slave oweners would "pick-nigs". The "g" was replaced with "c" to create a more PC word.
Lets go to the picnic to get some new slaves
by dr. stevenson May 09, 2009
(n.) a social gathering, where many people will take thier families along to eat pre-cooked food outdoors

(v.) to participate in a picnic as defined above.
Apparantly, the source of the word picnic is "pick a nigger", where after eating, sack-races and incestous activity, the redneck community of the southern United States would randomly pick an enslaved black person to abuse and lynch.
by Kung-Fu Jesus April 28, 2004
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