pretty fucking high, when you get so baked all you can say is pfh
man im pfh right now.....
by blaze21 April 01, 2011
Top Definition
Propensity for Hagdom.
Describes a girl usually in her early to mid-twenties who looks good now because of her age, but you can tell that she will look like Sean Penn of Geddy Lee when she gets older.
That girl has a great body, but a high PFH factor.
by Tony Quintal September 26, 2007
just say it, you know, that sound that you make everyonce and a while?
Pfh...You loser...
by IamDeathincarnate August 20, 2003
potential future husband
Hey Stacie, do you see that hot rock climber over there? totally a PFH.
by pfh hunter August 12, 2008
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