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Please Find Attached, generally to refer an attacment included in the mail.
PFA the annual report
by Kalyan November 29, 2004
pretty fucking awesome
pretty fucking awful
that movie is pfa
her shirt is pfa
by kittycrazee112 August 10, 2005
"Public Facebook Affection"

Keep it in the bedroom, we don't need to know that stuff. Obviously if you can't contain your amorous posts to yourself, you must "love them more than life itself".

Steve: "I love you so much hun"
Sara: "I can't wait to see you later! I love you more than life itself"

These relationships seem to be the kind that need to prove themselves. They tend not to last.
Um PFA much?
by aclaire86 July 23, 2011
N. prop. Abbreviation for "Person From Away", this term is used by native Mainers to refer to people (usually from the Boston area) who purchase large homes to which they refer for some inexplicable reason as "cottages", use the word "summer" as a verb to refer to the visiting of the aforementioned "cottages", and hold the opinion that all non-PFAs they encounter should happily worship the dog turds they trod through because of all of the money that they spend in a "quaint" coastal town while "summering" in their "cottages"

PFA is the most polite way by which such seasonal visitors are referred by native Mainers. More commonly in a more directly negative connotation the term "masshole" will be used.
A PFA was drivin' in a full cah on the road and asked me "can I take this road to Bahstun?" I said "Why not, youah takin' everythin' else in theah.
by mweens October 28, 2010
Pray For Anything, a pocket billiards(pool) acronym used to decribe a technique mastered by many for the game of eight ball.
A meditative pool player with his eyes closed uses his cue to hit the cue ball as hard and as fast as he can, wishing for one of his balls to go into a pocket, while at the same time praying that he doesn't scratch or sink the eight ball. Soon after he hits the cue ball all of the solid balls that were left on the table rest in different pockets. The cue ball and the eight ball are the only balls left on the table. His opponent congratulates him by saying: "That was a beautiful demonstration of the PFA technique!"
by Nooodles5000 August 30, 2009
An adjective giving someone a lazier, quicker way to say 'pretty freaking awesome'.
Boy - Here's you're favorite cookie -hands a cookie-
Girl - Wow, thanks! You're so PFA.
by Jinky October 22, 2005
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