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Phenomenal Decimation Manoeuvre
While playing multi player micro machines one player aggressively and without warning destroys or sends flying another. “Holy shit! That was a P.D.M.!”
by Barf Vader May 02, 2008
panty dropping monday. arguably the best day of the year, even better than christmas. it's the first day of fraternity rushing.
"Yo dude, what should we do tonight?"
"Are you kidding? It's PDM!"
by collegelife August 23, 2009
Post dentist mouth

The taste left in your mouth after visiting the dentist . . . generally a taste that needs aquiring.
Bro 1 - Oh dood I have serious PDM! Dentists really need to hand out candy bars after consultation

Bro 2 - Yeah man. . . Candy bar giving dentist FTW
by HighLevelDisinfectant March 17, 2010
Abbreviation for Poop Dick Mouth. This refers to engaging in anal sex and directly moving to oral sex with no cleaning of the penis.
I have never slept with such a dirty skank before, she let me PDM her!
by Casey Thomas II January 09, 2012
Abbreviation for Panty Droppin' Music
When listening to any kind of music that puts you in a sexual mood ... i.e., Enigma, Chris Isaak, Sade; slow, sensual music.

Girl #1: How did your date go?
Girl #2: It was kinda dragging until he put some gratuitous PDM on the radio.
Girl #1: PDM?
Girl #2: Yeah, panty droppin' music! He put on some Enigma and it was all it took!
by Luciepher January 13, 2011
PiNK DiAMOND MAFiA. A new female cliquesimilar tot the Pink Ladies, but definitely more urban.this group originated in Southeast San Diego, and can be identified by their gold name plate necklaces that read: P.D.M. in Old English text with a literal pink diamond in the upper left hand of the "P". the Pink Diamond Mafia is into getting cake and they've got the most haters on the pacific coast if you are said to be PDM-ing, you are making money, acting snobby, and looking good.
Laydee Virgo's P.D.M.-ing like a mug!
by LAyDeE ViRGO September 20, 2007
Pussy Deprived Man Sydrome: When a man is acting like a bitch cuz he ain't been laid in ages......
Yo dude Andy been P.D.M.S'in ever since he been single bro, we need to hook up a booty call
by Pissed Off Roomie October 04, 2011
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