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Activity that can interfere with your time passed on drug or games.
If the school is interfering with your drug, beer or games activities, just drop it!
by Mathilda February 01, 2005
Anoying sound to shout when your friend is sleeping because of beer consumption. His girlfriend may be trying to grab your cock meanwhile.
Gueline.... gueeeeeline! Gueeeeeeeline!
by Mathilda January 29, 2005
Way to interpret reality. Can be used to get free time from your social obligation

It's not a lie, as long as one people believe in it!

Inspired from a friend who lived in ButcherTown
- Boss, I cannot work today, my car doesnt start! ( Taking normally bus )

- Honey, I cannot have time for you today, I have to go to school ( Go drink beer and play poker with friend )

- Honey, I swear I never smoked any weed! (ya ya)

- Hey teacher, I didn't do my homework, I had a virus last week ( actually, last year)
by Mathilda February 01, 2005
French abreviation for Pipi Caca Poil (Pee, Crap, Pube)
Used when group of very immature men gang up together. They stand in a circle while shouting loud PCP! PCP! PCP!
Greg: Moi, je fais pipi dans mon caca!
Jeff: Pipi et caca sont les meilleurs amis du monde, jusqu'a ce que poil s'en mele!
All together PCP! PCP! PCP!
by Mathilda January 27, 2005
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