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Acronym for pretty cool guy. A pretty cool guy is like a bro without all the douchiness/frat boy attitude. A pretty cool guy is intelligent, fun to be around and is supportive when they need to be. They're casual, down to earth and charming.

PCG can apply to both men and women. A lot of women are pcgs.
I don't like her music but I think Ke$ha would be fun to hang out with. She seems like a pcg.
by iamradbot June 23, 2011
Short for PC Gamer, one of the best magazines for PC games.
Hey man, the new issue of PCG has a Duke Nukem Forever cover!
by NeoChaos May 24, 2004
PCG is for Panicky Corporate Guy. A person who willingfully brands himself and his belongings with his companys corporate logos and prides himself/herself in doing so. The person also easily panics under minor work stress conditions.
Wow, that guy Jason sure does start to panic easily


Yeah, he is a PCG for sure!
by abdurafiq September 28, 2005
Post coital grin
They came to visit after a long lunch looking very flushed and happy and could not stop smiling, in fact they had a PCG from ear to ear.
by JEALOUS ROB May 18, 2004
Means "Pretty Cool Guy." A sarcastic or ironic way to refer to a complete asshole in your vicinity so they will not know what you mean.
That dude talking about that girl needing to get smacked around to teach her a lesson seems like a PCG.

Yeah. Total Pretty Cool Guy. I agree. What a human garbage bag!
by polar bear 316 November 30, 2012
A homo sapien of female gender who participates in the activity of video games. Whether this is light playing or hardcore gamer does not matter.

Generally, these girls are not the ugly gamer "girl" but an average, if not attractive, young woman.
Man, did you see that PCG? She kicked my ass in Halo!
by GuildMaster March 21, 2004
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