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When giving a person a hand job and anally fisting them and they ejaculate in your hand. You then pull your hand out of their ass. Now with one hand covered in semen and the other covered in fecal matter, you slap them together to mix the mess on both hands. Finally, with your hands still together, you thrust them up the persons ass as fast and deep as you can.
Person 1: Dude this guy gave me a PB and J last night.

Person 2: That is disgusting...
by Ewikkkkkkkkkkk May 09, 2009
Porn Break and Jerkoff. When you've been sitting in your dorm room staying up all night writing papers and assignments but need a wake-me-up, so you turn on some porn and jerkoff.
dude how'd you manage to stay up all night writing those papers?

easy man - just had myself a PB and J
by chameronman March 16, 2011
When a guy somethers his dick in peanut buter and spreads jelly in the girls anus and then butt fuck her making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. The but being the buns
Shit man gave my chick a p b and j last night and she fucking screamed for more
by Jeff 321 November 14, 2007
PB and J (PBJ) means Peanut butter and jelly
"Go make some PB and J."
by z0mbi3X2k September 07, 2005
To consume a pint and one beer then proceed to smoke a joint.
Mike: Hey you wanna get fucked up tonight?
Luke: I think I'm gonna go for a PB and J.
Mike: FUCK YA!!!

(Mike and luke then proceed to high five)
by ACIDPILLS September 02, 2008
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