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When a person is a PATRIOT for all the wrong reasons like :Uncle Samael was a Marine so I`ll become a marine;I love killing people so I`ll either become a politician or a policeman because killing for your country is patriotic;I live in a free country and President BUSH reminds me and 260 million other patriots of that fact every day;I want to be a air-born ranger,I wanna live a life of danger,dang Buford thet`s patriotic willing to kill people if they don`t wanna be free,we`ll kill them til` they do!
I will never be PATRI-IDIOTIC,and kill Iraqis because Dub`ya says its the American way,sheesh!
by Addis Ababa November 29, 2003
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Following BUSH or any other dictator "blindly";a genocidal military "yes-man"(or woman);an idiotic patriot.
GOLLY,Captain BUSH,I can hardly wait until we can start killing people ,in the name of FREEDOM.Sergeant Shrub,you have the PATRI-IDIOTIC mind and philosophy that our President just loves,now follow me men,so we can demonstrate "fascist-freedom".
by George Prescott Plant December 05, 2003

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