Parental Advisory. A sticker put on CDs advising parents to buy this record, because their children will like it.
Hey, it says Parental Advisory on the label, so it must be good.
by bluhbluhbluhbluhbluh December 09, 2009
power amp as in a power source for speakers for a band.
zack we need a fucking pa for the speakers not a mixer.
by mikeveee January 26, 2008
Prince Albert
A PA is probably the most common male genital piercing -- it heals quickly and is relatively trouble free. It enters the urethra and exits immediately behind the glans
Dude, that guy has a PA!
by sweetheartjess November 17, 2005
an acronym standing for "player appearance," it has come to refer to the look of any person, thing, or act, on or off of a sports field. the only positive adjective that may be used with the word PA is 'sick'
Dustin Pedroia has sick PA.
JD Drew has terrible PA.

Ron Jeremy has sick hair PA.

That guy over there has sick limping PA.

Listen man, we talked about it and we all agree: you have terrible girlfriend PA. get rid of her.
by Sultan of PA March 28, 2009
Port Arthur, Texas. A city in Jefferson County within the Beaumont-Port Arthur metropolitan area situated in southeast Texas 70 miles east of Houston.

Port Arthur produced former Dallas Cowboys coach, Jimmy Johnson and NBA star Stephen Jackson. Currently, Port Arthur's profile has risen on the hip-hop scene with the emergence of the rap group UGK. Both members of UGK, Bun B and Pimp C, are from Port Arthur and often refer to their hometown in their songs. The phrase "Free Pimp C" has become an anthem in the Texas hip-hop music scene.
He learned the art of hustlin growin up in PA.
They say you can get some fire weed in PA.
by Bogga Red March 26, 2007
Abbreviation for Pretty Awesome.
That party was P.A.
by Podolecci October 13, 2013
1. Personal Assistant

2. Pointless Acronym
Ponce: Schedule a meeting through my PA.

Human: PA?

Ponce: Personal Assistant.

Human: You mean your assistant?
by MrCardboard November 08, 2011

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