Playas/Playettes Association- a fictitious club that one has "entered" if they suddenly become a player
"whoa, peter, wasn't that your 3rd girl this week?!? welcome to the P.A.!!"
by lauren August 31, 2003
1 public anouncement system
2 a state by new york
1. they called my name over the PA
2. I drove through PA once when we were going to New York City
Abbreviation for the term “Penetration Action”
Scott has been dry rooting Katrena for months, and still hasn't got any PA.
by nolando22 March 22, 2007
short term for palo alto, a rich city across the street from stanford university. see related

"where do you live?"
"im from PA, where you from?"
"fuck it dont matter, its not PA"
by d-sop October 30, 2006
1. A douchebag wannabe-doctor
2. The paralegal of medicine
3. Someone who wants to be a doctor but cant get into med school
That fucking P.A. ordered $500 worth of random tests which didn't give any answers. I then saw a real doctor who diagnosed me correctly in 5 minutes
by KennJ May 29, 2012
Pimp-Ass, The feeling of extreme happiness with a subject.
Damn, That Jacket Is P-A!!!!
by Jeremy T. September 10, 2006
PA stands for the Procrastinators Anonymous. The Procrastinators Anonymous is a club for procrastinators (duh) who are not seeking help for their problem because well, lets face it, procrastinating is a good thing.
1. -Dude, are you going to the PA meeting today?
-Nah, I'll go later..
by Chel March 16, 2005

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