vintage single coil Gibson electric guitar pickups. also called "soap bar"

used by pete townsend, and billie joe to record "warning", among others
My SG has P-90s in it.
by Joe November 11, 2003
Fabrique Nationale Herstal P90
A good weapon using good ammunition.
Upon impact the bullet loses all its energy and transfers it to the target.
Because of this there is little or no possibility of over-penetration.
Though it reigns supreme in its category there is a weapon commonly known as the MP7 that is in the same category as the p90 and according to testings, it is superior.
by H&K lover September 05, 2003
The P90 is a sub machine gun manufactured by fabrique national. Its extremely effective at close range, but useless at a distance. The only major drawback to the P90 design is the top loading magazine that when dropped may come out of sync with the gun. Overall, Ive never used it because I dont like it, but others I know love it.
The P90 is used by many European special forces and is the weapon of choice for many airsoft players
by HKGunner January 16, 2006
A Pentium 90. 90 MHZ chip produced by Intel in the early to mid 90's.Antiquated technology compared to todays P4 chips which clock around 3 gigahertz.
Dewd that old p90 computer is nothing more than an oversized paperweight. You should put that thing in a museum.
by christo December 18, 2003
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