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short for: pissed 4 life
when one is pissed off from something but at work or a setting where vulgar words can not be used, use the following phrase as a fill in.
G: T, everyone wants to know how is it possible for you to wake up on the wrong side of the bed everyday?
T: My ex-spouse left me with the mortgage, I'm freakin P4L.
G: I jus got off of child support with one babymama and the state put me on with the my new babymama, P4L, P4L!
by urbnlegd99 April 09, 2009
Supposed to be pimpsters for life, but is really pussys for life, pansies for laughing at. A bunch of stuck up dumbasses who think they're badass.
Look at that dumbass who thinks he's hot, trying to pick up girls.

Oh i knoww, apparently he's a "p4l"
by sellersgregisgay August 04, 2010
Pot 4 Life
Cop: "So You promise never to smoke again?"
Guy: "Nahh Man P4L!"
by bitchimill March 18, 2009
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