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P.O pronounced Pee-oh is a two letter acronym for Polecat odour. It is used to describe the next level up from B.O ( body odour). P.O. is used to describe cases where body odour has been allowed to concentrate to such a pungent state that it instantly triggers the human gag reflex when encountered.
Man, I just tried to help that Jakey up from the pavement and his P.O. nearly made me honk
by Katanamangler May 14, 2011
1 1
The red teletubby
Po: Uh-oh!
by Gwen Stefani Grrl November 24, 2003
630 206
Derogitory for vagina, or someone who acts like a cunt.
Pass the spliff you fucking poes!
Jesus that cunteater is a slippery poes!
Dont be a poes.
by Mike May 02, 2003
371 110
Shortened version of poor, usually reserved to describe someone of extreme poverty.
He's so po he couldn't afford the other half of the word.
by The General April 02, 2004
476 237
Origin: Afrikaans slang term for woman's vagina; can be used very effectively when slagging anyone off
He is such a hairy poes
by JP January 21, 2005
260 59
police officer
see also:cops, pigs, fuzz, popo, 5-0, bacon, pork
"Run!!! It's the po!"
by Lila December 30, 2003
342 157
Parole Officer (PO)
by anonymous July 27, 2003
306 144
Short for "Probation Officer".
"Your P.O. fucking sucks!"
by Mike August 26, 2003
164 15