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the YUM! emoticon. its not used frequently, but its definitly worth using in some situations.
mmm..noobs P:

i have to go eat dinner, brb P:
#p: #yum #good #smiley #emote #emoticon
by chz, eh? March 20, 2008
a smiley that is licking his eyeball. sometimes used after a funny statement or it can be used as a smiley that just ate
1) haha i think he's a pervert from outer space. P:
2) yum that was good food. P:
#p: #lol #yum #haha #lmfao #food #rofl #hungry
by mychemicalstephanie August 13, 2008
smiley that is licking his nose also can be turned around and create :d but with a d instead of p doesnt look quite no use it :þ
"the dude that was first to put :þ was first to that, but me is first to this p: "
by Rawr August 05, 2004
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