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pirate smiley would be used to suggest your in a pirate-like-happy mood, the kind of mood for pilaging, pludering, burning homes, and stealing!
ye be a jerk

HEY--> you cant say that to me!

imma P), savvy?
by Natalie Kay November 27, 2006
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One of many pirate-version emoticons whose two eyed equivalent is :), therefore representing a happy pirate.

The traditional semi-colon ";" an colon ":" are replaced with the capital letter 'P' to represent an eye patch. Many of the normal emoticons can be transformed into pirate emoticons as illustrated below, and can become quite elaborate.

(please note that any emoticons listed below containing a "\" for the mouth is supposed to be an open bracket, representing a neutral snarling pirate. Unfortunately when you use an open bracket UD recognizes it as a way to link to another word, sorry for the inconveniece P P)

P \ ---> neutral snarling pirate
P ( ---> sad pirate
P P ---> pirate sticking his tongue out
P D ---> very happy pirate
P { ---> Hitler as a pirate
<|P \ ---> pirate with a triangle hat
<`|P \ ---> pirate with a triangle hat with a feather in the hat
<`|P Q ---> pirate with a triangle hat with a feather in the hat with a lip ring and his mouth open likely yelling "Land ho!"
Guy 1: Guess what I am going to be for Halloween?
Guy 2: what?
Guy 1: P )
Guy 2: huh?
Guy 1: A pirate
Guy 2: Oh I get it, have too much time on your hands :)
Guy 1: or do you mean P )
Guy 2: no, just :)
Guy 1: P (
Guy 2: fine... P )
Guy 1: P D
by brown_muscles October 20, 2010
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