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Pump and Dump
Used as a term when trading with stocks, where you buy shares yourself and then start spreading false rumors on various forums. In that way the stocks of small companies goes up on rumors, and you sell with a profit.

Also it can refer to one night stands.
"Do you still got shares in that small company?"
"No I sold that some time ago, it was just a P&D!"

"Did you go on a date with that girl you met?"
"Nah, she is just white trash, so i did a P&D"
by tobjar12 September 11, 2013
Pussy and dick.
Because I'm really horney and I want p&d.
by nyaanna September 24, 2012
Pride and Desire: It stands for the lifeforce within every man that leads him to be awesome every day.
"Dude you showed crazy P & D by hitting on that smoking hot chick."

Awesome dude A: "Why is Fred such a fucking loser?"

Awesome dude B: "He has no P&D"
by fred_berg December 12, 2009
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