a p-dog is a combination of crack and marijuanna (pot,grass,weed,bud,sticky icky,sativa,cannibis)
Brandon: "Dude that was one bomb ass p dog"
Danny: "yeah i know"
by AtlasDictionary November 21, 2007
Top Definition
When you mix crack and weed in a joint. Similar to Sherm but way more thug.
Lets roll up a P dog after class and fuck up the teachers car.
by Dirk The Dirty March 16, 2006
powder cocaine laced marjuana.
by ucla guy July 02, 2003
a large bottle of Purell or other high alcohol content hand sanitizer boiled down and mixed with a 2L bottle of 7 Up.
yo i'm drinkin p dog cuz that lean shit for pussies...
by RedEyz April 22, 2016
A term originating in the highlands of New Jersey in mid 2008 meaning pancakes.
Read as said to waitress in Diner,
" I'll have a short stack of pdogs and a side of bacon."
by jjmconsulting August 27, 2008
A massive hit with the opposite sex
The guy is definately a p-dog
by H-i-T-m-A-n-2012 August 29, 2011
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