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2 definitions by AtlasDictionary

Another of a popular name in the U.S. such as ashley,Jessica or Amanda.

Personality of a Heather:

outgoing,happy,loud,fun,down to earth But: can be bitchy,rude,ignorant, and sometimes has the urge to please themselves with household items because they are sexually active.
"Don't be such a Heather" (bad heather)

"Heather is such a peaceful name" (Positive)
by AtlasDictionary November 21, 2007
1984 1595
a p-dog is a combination of crack and marijuanna (pot,grass,weed,bud,sticky icky,sativa,cannibis)
Brandon: "Dude that was one bomb ass p dog"
Danny: "yeah i know"
by AtlasDictionary November 21, 2007
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