Someone or something receives WAY too much praise and/or publicity.
by Valintino the Big Surpremo August 30, 2010
An excuse that people make because they don't like something as much as someone else, and they hate how much other people like it.
Bob: "That Final Fantasy VII game is so overrated! People only like it 'cause everyone else likes it. Oh my god I hate it.

Carl: "Shut up Bob."
by [_JC_] October 24, 2007
When it reaches the point that something/someone is praised of too much. Either it is rated or appraised too highly.
shakespeare's work is overrated
iPods are overrated. They are unreliable and too many people think too well of them.
by !Poppy July 22, 2006
1) Not as good as people think it is.
2) Not as good as it seems to be.
This life is overrated.
Love is overrated!
by Pakistani Sher January 11, 2007
Saying overrated is overrated
Yup saying overrated to everything is gay....
by Dave T. March 17, 2007
Dane Cook...the comedian who doesn't need jokes. Quoted by everyone
Dane Cook is overrated.
by Dots18 April 14, 2007
Overhyped, loved by many stupid, mislead, trendfag people and scorned by a smart person.
A list of extremely overrated people/series.

Barack Obama
Robert Pattinson
Stephanie Meyer
Lil' Wayne
Soulja Boy
Katy Perry
by WPH15 August 01, 2009

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