the opposite of underneath. You have to reach over, then under to reach it
I had to reach overneath to get it
by Mark December 15, 2003
Top Definition
to be above or on top of an object
The book is overneath the television. Nigga.
by The Chronic-les, McVaralichper April 22, 2003
Something that's normally worn as an undergarment when worn over your outer clothing.

(Ex)Bra over blouse or boxers over jeans.
Last Halloween, all Hunter did was wear some boxers overneath his blue jeans.
by Little Kiwi December 13, 2008
On top of something.
Taylor: Hey Zach, where's the Alphabet of Manliness? I wanted to read the chapter on Zombies again.

Zach: Oh, it's overneath the table.
by Lucus Bladder November 12, 2006
An object that lies over something as well as under something.
i really wanna reach for my ipod but it's overneath that pile of books.
by beats89 December 03, 2011
above, but not necessarily happy about it
I had only just lowered my face overneath her velvety, succulent breasts when I realised I had to vomit.
by neuromantiq July 10, 2008
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