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The ruler of the Zerg race in the Blizzard's game StarCraft.
In StarCraft world one of the races is Zerg. All creatures from that race were controled by an entity called OverMind.
by Pmc June 03, 2003
Leader of the Zerg race in Starcraft.

Looks like a really ugly blob and is always ordering you around.

Don't worry. He dies.
Infested Terran: For the Overmind!
by The Monkey King February 02, 2005
the one who leads zerg guild in mmo games, mastermind of all newbies who use numbers rather then skill in order to win battles.
omg look it's Rifter teh Overmind, he's hiding in town with his zerglings again.
by Templar July 18, 2004

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