When an item is left in someones house for an extended period of time that item is claimed by the house's residents.
If no one comes to get that jacket I'm going to overlord it.
by Pisiem March 25, 2009
See Laharl
by Ryanbomber January 24, 2004
2. Those with cool name to follow up their Overlord title and have proven they are really nice. And a great squash player.
Overlord Fenris
by John B August 08, 2003
Overlord. A person hated by peers, for "spamming" and "flaming". See "Fall Guy".
Uh oh! It's Overlord!
by DSX June 10, 2003
A title given to someone of great power as the sucessor of an Oracle as they are entitled as the Overlord they can rule with absolute dominance and no defiance.
Easily related to Kim Jong-Un.
To learn more go to the hierarchy of lordship
"Im now the true Overlord of my family, I used to be an Oracle but then 'Overlord Connor' died
by Tunky Gymlud February 02, 2015

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