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The Dominator is actually a step up from the Shocker. All four fingers are used with two fingers in her pussy and the other two in her ass. It is not recommended to begin with the Dominator but to start with the Shocker to loosen her up before stepping it up to the Dominator.
While I was licking her pussy and giving her the Shocker I could tell she was loosened up enough to slip in the Dominator
by brobins October 28, 2004
When some random guy cums in your eye and it burns like a son of a bitch.
Can someone hook me up with some mono-goggles, I want to avoid a dominator tonight.
by nooneimportant99 January 21, 2011
When you order a dominos, and use the pizza to masturbate.
"Last night was great, tried a dominator with a ham and pineapple pizza."
by MrAxlee December 16, 2013
The person in a group who receives the most attention from the opposite sex.
Yeah Kimmy is the Dominator!
by Jugga19 January 05, 2011
A very loud fart that sounds like a boom. Usually Dominators do not smell very bad, but they are very loud and sound like the world is ending.
Francis busted a Dominator in class the other day and my ears started bleeding it was so loud.
by Sketchy Mike February 28, 2007
slang math term for denominator.
the numerator goes over the dominator.
by sama April 28, 2003

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