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The insignificant school-related item you don't want your parents to see because you slacked off alot in school.
Archie was grounded for a month after he showed his parents his 2nd semester report card.
by goldmetaman July 11, 2009
1) A nickname for someone very special to you, usually a lover, or spouse, or someone you treasure dearly.

2) A nickname for an automobile that is treasured more than anything; These are usually very expensive automobiles, but there are exceptions.
1) "I'd die for my fiancee because she's my pride and joy."

2) That beat-up, old motorcycle? Jim's dad gave it to him long ago. He says its his "pride and joy".
by goldmetaman July 11, 2009
A role played while having sex. Usually, the "overlord" is violent, dominating, dirty-talking, and on top. Men can usually play this role during sex, but women can, as well. Props used by the overlord include, but are not limited to: whips, handcuffs, rope, apples, leather accessories, dildos, etc..
husband: Hey babe, wanna have some sexual intercourse tonight?

wife: Sure, but I want to be the overlord this time.
by goldmetaman July 11, 2009

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