A brazier
U can see that birds over the shoulder boulder holder!
by Bewesy November 12, 2003
a brassiere
She had an over the shoulder boulder holder that had tiny holes poked in it.
by The Return of Light Joker April 30, 2010
A new Facebook term for the bra
Unless you are a misogynist, do not ask any female how much her over-the-shoulder boulder holder costs.
by sexydimma March 13, 2015
That Over-The-Shoulder Boulder Holder is super padded.
by iluvreadingbooks May 20, 2014
A funnier, and longer way of saying bra. The boulders are, well, self explanatory.
Joseph: What size of over-the-shoulder boulder holders is Cathy wearing?

Dexter: What the Hell?

Joseph: It's another way of saying bra.

Dexter: Oh. Well ask her.
by SupaleegamingX August 01, 2014
n; an article of clothing used to cup the breasts, bra
Wow, that is an extremely large over-the-shoulder-boulder-holder! Is it a triple H?
by MAGG!E..{the maggot} January 10, 2007
this is a bra.
wow. she looks good in those "over the shoulder boulder holders"
by josh neil peach October 25, 2008

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