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Where people like Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz go when they get hit really hard over the head.
Dorothy thinks that Oz is real, but she is a stupid bitch who doesn't know what the fuck she is talking about. If you tried to go over the rainbow, you would fall and die, dumbass.
by JBurton31 April 10, 2010
Beyond Gay
(place extra emphasis on the word "over" )
Lisa: Would you ever cosider going with Dante'
Carrie: Are you out ya damn mind? I heard that boy was over the rainbow!
by Necey January 21, 2005
A song sung by Judy Garland in The wizard of Oz. Taken now to mean a homosexual.
James lives somewhere over the rainbow, if you get what I mean...
by Gumba Gumba March 17, 2004
Giving a High-Five to your buddy as you double team a girl from each end while she faces down.
After we did over the rainbow, i gave that girl a mouthfull of white gold.
by G_dogg October 26, 2006
When you are about to orgasm during doggystyle pull out and shoot your love load straight over your victims head causing her to not only see your man seed but also leave a pressure losing line of salty boogers from the front of her hair line straight down to her ass crack.
I was doing this chick from the back when I launched a mean over the rainbow that fucked up her hair hardcore........ then I kicked her in the crotch.
by Saving SILVERMAN July 08, 2007
During male on male sex; the top pulls out to climax and shoots his load over the head of his partner. Effectively making him tap together his ruby slippers.
The other night Jake was in shock as I let him have it all over the rainbow.
by M.H. Cole (v2) March 04, 2016
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