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Mail client inferior to Thunderbird, Opera, KMail, etc.
If you personified Outhouse Express and Idiot Exploiter, I'm sure the two would enjoy anal with each other.
by Intelligence: The Anti-N00b November 04, 2004
The most prevalently-used and virus-susceptible email client in the history of computing. Frequently euphemized as Outlook Express.
When I installed SP2, Outhouse Express presumed to decide for me whether to download the images in my email.
by Downstrike October 03, 2004
A piece of software that makes the British Postal Service look efficient.
I was going to send an email today, but Outhouse Express deleted them most of my email, moved everything else to it's wanky proprietary folder and forgot my password. It is a steaming piece of shit.
by Gunter65465419851951651 April 28, 2010