n. pl. ostrich or os·trich·es

1.The fine art of busting on a girl's face beachside, and then proceeding to give the unsuspecting recipient a swift faceplant into the sand.
2.A large, swift-running flightless bird (Struthio camelus) of Africa, characterized by a long bare neck, small head, and two-toed feet. It is the largest living bird.
"Danielle's sub-par fallatio skills made her a prime target for the ostrich"

"Although Dee thought she was out of danger, a stealthily peformed Ostrich put her in her place."
by :-D April 10, 2003
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It is the equivalent of the game. Which game you may ask? The one you just lost.
Person 1 talks with Person 2
Person 1: Oh, did you hear about so and so?
Person 2: No, what's going on?
Person 3 barges in
Person 3: OSTRICH!
Person 3 runs away
Person 1 and 2: DAMMIT. I LOST
by Dr Burke December 10, 2010
(n); 1. a wild bird considered to be the most majestic of all creatures, holding the undisputed uppermost position on the food chain. ostriches are carnivorous birds of prey, feeding on tigers. Although their hunting methods are still mostly a mystery, it is rumored that ostriches will pierce "cocky" tigers' hearts with their tungsten beaks. A male ostrich needs to consume approximately 74 tigers per year to maintain strength.
2. (v); used to describe action of a person of unparalleled strength or cunning

Synonyms; chuck norris, ninja bird, angel of death, one-bird-army, ass kicker, stealth bomber

Antonyms; weak, dumb, ugly, useless
"The ostrich dove from the tree and impaled the tiger"

"Wow that guy just ostriched 74 thugs by himself!"

"Anderson Silva is an ostrich of a fighter"
by onekrazyboarder February 03, 2010
Big ass man-pigeon. Will run 60mph with your car if you throw a pen at it. It's body will face this way but it's head will be fixed on you.
"I don't like ostriches, man."
by AmMo9513 February 19, 2013
A man with a long skinny physique. An alternative word for lanky.
Tom: That tall brer needs to hit the gym!

James: He's an ostrich fam!
by jmill69 February 24, 2011
To hit or push your own or others knees with enough force to cause the knees to bend backwords causing ones legs to look like an ostrich
Guy1: Hey did you see that video were that guy got his legs bent backwords

Guy2: Ya he totaly got ostriched
by pakmann May 21, 2012
Why are there so many ostriches? The brochure said thered only be a few ostriches! This is the worse vacation ever!
Don: Why are there so many of those tall animals with their heads in the ground?

Alex:Those are ostriches Don.

Don: Wow, this is the worse vacation ever!
by OnTheMurderScene May 26, 2009
"Why are there so many Ostriches?": Originally said by Don Knotts on Family Guy, the term is used as an exclamation for not understanding stupid people. An Ostrich, for all intents and purposes, is not only a bird, but a person with no common or street sense, who will then lash out negatively towards a person who DOES have these qualities in thinking that they are smarter than them. (It is more fun and effective to say this phrase as similarly to Don Knotts as possible)
The customers on www.notalwaysright.com
Upon seeing a person who doesn't know what music is, you then shake your head and proclaim, "Why are there so many Ostriches?"
by ClassicJules August 03, 2010
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