To pick someone up, flip them upside-down, and plant them in the ground head first.
Person 1: "Hey, did you talk to the guy that your girlfriend cheated on you with?"
Person 2: "Yeah, I Ostriched him. He's still there now!"
Person 1: "Ouch!"
by ScottertheOtter November 08, 2013
to hide away, the equivalent to an ostrich sticking its head in the sand.
Dude, I've had a rough day I think I'm just gonna ostrich for awhile.

Oh man, how embarrassing! I just need to ostrich until she forgets about that!
by smrtcookie January 23, 2012
Hideously fugly tall bird (Erin Beam) who can run up to 40-50 mph. It has an abnormal height and akward long neck, small head (a bit egyptian) and two-toed feet with a touch of cankles. It is the largest living bird known to man. Mates with bosnian/ black human men, prefers to give head for money.
got head from that ostrich last night for 5$
by ostrichhater June 18, 2011
a man or a woman who enjoys giving a woman oral sex.
Someone enjoys sticking their head in holes, well so do ostriches.
by WhoaDaddy June 09, 2011
Takes place on a massage table. With your face in the hole, you stick your ass up in the air during the lower back/upper thigh portion of the massage in order to coax the masseuse into massaging your anus.
That massage was the best! As soon as I did the ostrich, she went two knuckles deep!
by Sandra & Bonnie August 29, 2007
A fake online identity. Common uses for ostriches include assisting a primary account in online games, voting in polls, posting effectively anonymous comments, etc.
I have a bunch of ostriches in Mafia Wars so that they can get me items I need.

Nick: Who's that D&D Matt guy on Tom's Facebook page?
Chad: I don't know -- I think he might be an ostrich.
by John 1955s October 03, 2009
n. pl. ostrich or os·trich·es

1.The fine art of busting on a girl's face beachside, and then proceeding to give the unsuspecting recipient a swift faceplant into the sand.
2.A large, swift-running flightless bird (Struthio camelus) of Africa, characterized by a long bare neck, small head, and two-toed feet. It is the largest living bird.
"Danielle's sub-par fallatio skills made her a prime target for the ostrich"

"Although Dee thought she was out of danger, a stealthily peformed Ostrich put her in her place."
by :-D April 10, 2003

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