To pick someone up, flip them upside-down, and plant them in the ground head first.
Person 1: "Hey, did you talk to the guy that your girlfriend cheated on you with?"
Person 2: "Yeah, I Ostriched him. He's still there now!"
Person 1: "Ouch!"
by ScottertheOtter November 08, 2013
to hide away, the equivalent to an ostrich sticking its head in the sand.
Dude, I've had a rough day I think I'm just gonna ostrich for awhile.

Oh man, how embarrassing! I just need to ostrich until she forgets about that!
by smrtcookie January 23, 2012
A fat ghetto native american woman with a very overweight upper body and very thin legs resembling and ostrich.
Hey, you see that ostrich standing over by the checkout counter? She's probly gonna pay with her welfare cheques.
by Rod burner October 09, 2014
a man or a woman who enjoys giving a woman oral sex.
Someone enjoys sticking their head in holes, well so do ostriches.
by WhoaDaddy June 09, 2011
Hideously fugly tall bird (Erin Beam) who can run up to 40-50 mph. It has an abnormal height and akward long neck, small head (a bit egyptian) and two-toed feet with a touch of cankles. It is the largest living bird known to man. Mates with bosnian/ black human men, prefers to give head for money.
got head from that ostrich last night for 5$
by ostrichhater June 18, 2011
Takes place on a massage table. With your face in the hole, you stick your ass up in the air during the lower back/upper thigh portion of the massage in order to coax the masseuse into massaging your anus.
That massage was the best! As soon as I did the ostrich, she went two knuckles deep!
by Sandra & Bonnie August 29, 2007
n. pl. ostrich or os·trich·es

1.The fine art of busting on a girl's face beachside, and then proceeding to give the unsuspecting recipient a swift faceplant into the sand.
2.A large, swift-running flightless bird (Struthio camelus) of Africa, characterized by a long bare neck, small head, and two-toed feet. It is the largest living bird.
"Danielle's sub-par fallatio skills made her a prime target for the ostrich"

"Although Dee thought she was out of danger, a stealthily peformed Ostrich put her in her place."
by :-D April 10, 2003

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