A fake online identity. Common uses for ostriches include assisting a primary account in online games, voting in polls, posting effectively anonymous comments, etc.
I have a bunch of ostriches in Mafia Wars so that they can get me items I need.

Nick: Who's that D&D Matt guy on Tom's Facebook page?
Chad: I don't know -- I think he might be an ostrich.
by John 1955s October 03, 2009
when there is a ugly girl but has a nice body so you take her head and put it in the ground so you don't have to she her face and then bang her
Conner Western, she has a ugly face so bend her over and ostrich her
by cody dyer April 30, 2009
A:Someone who is not fly at all

B:Someone who doesn't smoke weed. Seeing how Ostriches can't fly, they never get high chu feel?
"I'm a big baller who's real fly, and your just an ostrich breh..."

"I aint gonna date no ostrich bish chu feels?"
by Takeanapimok February 21, 2010
A girl of average looks who seems to deem herself of better standing than you: a ropey looking bird who looks down on you.
That barmaids one fucking ostrich.
by Saoirse September 01, 2003
A woman with nice legs, nice hips, and big hair, but no tits.
Yeah! I fucked the Hell out of Mary last night!

Wow! I bet it was great seeing her naked!

Well, she does look pretty damn good naked, but, she must stuff her bra or wear falseys or somethin', she is definitely an ostrich dude.

by Jack Bozdog December 09, 2006
Someone who is scared and a pussy. Also someone most likely a female who has a vagina. A nicer way to say pussy.
Damn, he is such a ostrich
I'd love to hit that ostrich.
Look at the ostrich on her.
by Bossree December 27, 2007
Another name for the animal "Emu" which sounds closely related to the word "Emo"; Most often used to make fun of the genre of people known as emo or emotional people. Slightly less derogatory
Look at that ostrich, Tanner, taking black and white pictures over there.
by Lex Rough January 27, 2006

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